CETIN digitises the administration of pink tax return forms

3. 2. 2022
Case studies
200 000
kilometres saved thanks to digitisation
7 days
Implementation excluding integration
fully processed annual accounts

CETIN owns and operates the largest telecommunications network covering the entire Czech Republic. The company supplies its services to 99.6% of the population via fixed technologies (SDH, WDM, Ethernet and IP). CETIN mainly provides mobile network infrastructure services, mass fixed network services, data services for corporate networks and data centre leasing. By introducing automation into processing the demanding administrative operations relating to taxpayer’s declarations, CETIN saved time for all its employees and payroll staff. At the same time, it eliminated errors arising from manually processing pink tax return forms. Filling in a tax return using the clear and intuitive Daňovka multi-step digital form is as simple and straightforward as possible for the employee.

What problems did we address?

Administrative operations relating to tax returns caused a lot of complications every year, as tax returns had to be prepared for 2,500 employees. However, most of them work in the field (e.g. technicians), which means that this is a very time-consuming and logistically demanding operation.

Signing a tax declaration determines the manner in which the employee is taxed at the company. This declaration is also commonly known as the income tax return or “pink form”. CETIN employs 2,500 people for who the payroll department prepares tax returns every year.

The delivery of documents to the payroll department was complicated and time-consuming. Especially from employees who are constantly on the move and onsite with clients. Problems arose in tracking down paper declarations and the delivery of other related documents by employees. For example, this concerned the birth certificates of children, confirmation of mortgages or confirmation of study.

Which solution did we choose?

The deployment of Daňovka was quick and easy. The CETIN payroll department really appreciated it, especially for employees who work in the field. Daňovka also helped in 2020, when administrative operations relating to tax returns had to by handled remotely due to COVID. 

CETIN now uses an on-premises solution and all the functionalities of Daňovka, including integration with DMS, single sign-on, integration with the payroll system, bulk emailing and step locking, a language interface in Czech and English, including help in both languages, emails to employees informing them their tax return has been approved and tracking changes in re-sent tax returns.

How did the project go?

Daňovka has digitised and simplified administrative operations relating to employee tax returns, streamlined the whole process and enabled CETIN employees who work in the field to complete their tax returns online, wherever they happen to be. 

CETIN employs 2,500 end users of Daňovka, many of who work in the field. Daňovka makes it easy for these employees to complete their tax returns online from any computer.

Intuitive Czech and English help in Daňovka has reduced the time the payroll department spends advising employees by up to half. Daňovka guides the user through filling in relevant data. And the solution provides explanations, hints and checks selected types of input data, both for monthly rebates and annual accounts. Daňovka guides the user itself, making all administrative operations easier and faster.

Another major benefit is the improved and streamlined whole process of processing tax returns. Daňovka offers completely transparent records. The solution provided a single location for archiving all tax returns with attachments. Even across the years and employees (from a payroll perspective). Or rather a permanent archive of individual tax returns (from the employee’s perspective).

Payroll staff can check how the employee filled in their tax return. And in the event of any errors return it with the appropriate comments for correction or supplementation.

Who was involved in the project?

The StringData One Team worked on the project in close cooperation with representatives of CETIN’s payroll department.

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