Modernisation of the Allfa business portal

3. 2. 2022
Case studies

The Allianz insurance company wanted to build a new central sales portal where the sales network could negotiate all products offered by the company. There were two reasons for this. The first was that the modernisation of technology would ensure the greater availability and security of systems. The second thing was efficiency, i.e. the utilisation of existing synergies between individual products. The aim was to prepare a solution that would allow sufficient flexibility to meet the dynamic needs of sales and the market.

Why StringData?

Why did the insurance company choose us to implement this project? The fact that Allianz had positive previous experience with us as a supplier certainly played a role.

However, the main reason was probably the fact that our project impressed them and that it was a high priority for the client. That’s why we were very interested in implementing the project. We attempted to demonstrate our ability to deliver the required solution in a feasibility study and subsequent presentation of our offer. We proved that the team we dedicated to project implementation had the necessary expertise and experience.

We also proposed the manner in which we would handle the challenge of required corporate standards and how we would approach any cooperation with the Allianz offshore team. After that, it was up to the client’s representatives to decide whether to place their trust in us for this important project. They did.

What problems did we address?

The client’s aim was not to change the core systems in which contracts are stored, but to streamline the negotiation component, i.e. the actual process of negotiating products. Our goal was to materialise expectations for individual applications for arranging insurance defined by the client. Part of our work was to understand both the technical aspect of implementation and actual business logic, thereby creating a link that would act as an intermediary between the insurance agent and internal core system.

Which solution did we choose?

As individual sub-projects were relatively large in scope, we considered it important to continuously validate the emerging system with the client’s product department. We approached implementation in the form of iterations. After each iteration, we presented the result and handed it over for testing. This allowed us to identify and incorporate the client’s new requirements in good time and to keep the whole development on track.

Technologically, we managed to create a well-functioning mixed team through professional cooperation, in which we solved individual technological issues. The results of the first few iterations earned the client’s trust.

How did the project go?

All products were delivered into the client’s production environment on schedule. Due to regular verification through automated tests, they were also delivered in the guaranteed level of quality.

Feedback from the sales network has been very positive. The transition from existing to new applications for arranging insurance was not difficult for most sales staff. It was possible to turn off and cease managing original applications for arranging insurance as planned, and to centralise the work of insurance agents into the newly created environment. All six products are in production. The first of these, life insurance, which is one of the most complex, has been running smoothly for more than two years now. We are delighted that the project has been so successful.

Who was involved in the project?

We understood the great importance of this project to the client, so we did not want to underestimate anything and nominated the most experienced experts to join the project team. Petr Sommer took on responsibility for the design and development of the frontend. A similar role was played by Marek Dušek at the backend. Communication with the client in the framework of project management was handled by Ondřej Kubelka.

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