An application for completing and checking tax returns online.

Saves significant time for payroll accountants, HR officers and employees.

How Daňovka works

The Daňovka web application allows employees to fill in their tax returns intuitively. Tax returns are completed using an interactive form, without the need to study a complicated paper form.
Simple login
The employee logs into the application using their company access credentials, completes their tax return and uploads all necessary documents.
Low error rate
Thanks to explanations and automatic checks, the app guides the employee through the process of filling in the form to make it as easy as possible, with minimum errors.
Simple checks
Payroll staff can check how the employee has filled in the tax return and, in the event of any errors, return it with the appropriate comments for correction or supplementation.
Access from anywhere
If your company uses external payroll accounting services, you can allow these external users access to the application from anywhere they happen to be.

Benefits of Daňovka

A smart interactive application for filling in tax returns online.

Save time and costs

Daňovka saves time and costs associated with filling in forms, checking and copying them into your payroll systems.

Clear records

A single location for recording all tax returns with attachments, across the years, for all employees.

Archiving and logistics

Thanks to digitisation, Daňovka helps with the logistics and organisation of documents. It archives tax returns electronically, making them easier to trace.

Quick and easy commissioning

We will get Daňovka up and running and connected to your systems within one month as standard. Both on our cloud network and on your existing infrastructure.

Easy start and intuitive use

We will connect the standard Daňovka solution to your existing accounting systems and have it up and running within one month. You can start using it quickly and easily, both on our cloud network or on your existing infrastructure. We will be happy to take care of commissioning the system and training. With Daňovka, your employees can easily fill in their tax return and annual tax statement, better known as the “pink form”, electronically. Try it with us online this year.
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Useful functions

Interactive guide also available in English.
Workflow with the ability to send the tax return back to the employee for supplementation, including accompanying commentary with the option of editing selected steps only.
Email notifications and bulk emailing.

Integration with payroll and HR systems.
Everything is digitally archived clearly and securely in one place.
A wide range of secure user login options using Single Sign On, username and password with double SMS authorisation or BankID for remote access from a personal computer.

Daňovka in practice

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