Document Processing and Mining Automation
A comprehensive platform for full automation of the process of acquiring, mining, and subsequently processing data from digitized documents.

How DocuFlow Works


A robot automatically uploads incoming documents from all sources and transfers them to DocumentAnts for processing.


DocumentAnts verifies the document format and recognizes its type. Based on the determined type, it then extracts defined values.

With Added Value

Extracted data are automatically validated or supplemented with information from both internal and external systems.


A structured output is again taken over by the robot, and data are stored or transferred for further processing in the client's subsequent processes.

Building blocks of DocuFlow

The solution leverages the synergy of robotic process automation (RPA) and automated data mining software (DocumentAnts).

Benefits of DocuFlow

Cost Savings

Saves human resources and reduces costs throughout the document processing process.


Increases protection against intentional and unintentional property losses.

Reduction of Errors

Eliminates inaccuracies and errors in manual transcription, analysis, and data verification.

Utilization of Synergies

Fully integrates with internal and external systems and sources, thus offering further data processing possibilities.


The automated process is significantly faster compared to manual document processing.


Allows for scalability and adaptability within other departments and processes in the company.

Processed Documents

Financial Statements
Annual Reports (selected information)
Bank Statements
Internet Banking History Exports
Payment Confirmations
Invoices and Receipts
Energy Labels
Energy Bill Settlements
Traffic Fines
Personal Documents
DocuFlow can also learn other types of documents exactly according to your needs.

How the DocuFlow Project Works?

The delivery time of the solution is approximately 3 months from the signing of the contract.
We map your processes, select suitable candidates for automation, and create a tailored solution design.
Development and Testing
We make and test adjustments to DocuFlow according to your ideas to precisely meet your requirements.
We deploy DocuFlow in your production environment, or launch it in our cloud. We train your employees.
DocuFlow takes care of the automated operation of your processes. You monitor and evaluate the outputs.

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Digitize the entire document processing process. Save time and money and reduce error rates.

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Would you like to find out more?

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