Data extraction and classification using artificial intelligence
An application for automated document processing. Our ants find and classify required data and upload it to exactly where it’s needed.

How DocumentAnts works

DocumentAnts digitises and further processes your documents.
It automatically uploads all incoming documents from all sources, recognises their format and prepares documents for further processing.
Artificial intelligence contextually extracts information from various types of documents and automatically validates the extracted data without manual intervention.
Thanks to automated checks, DocumentAnts verifies various data across documents or across systems.
With added value
The extracted information and data is enriched with data from external systems relevant to the processed case.

Benefits of DocumentAnts

Save time and costs

DocumentAnts saves time and costs throughout the whole process of processing and checking documents. Processing is up to 10 times faster than manual data transcription.

Reduction of error rate

Automated processing eliminates manual errors in data transcription and analysis.


The solution allows you to process documents from multiple sources independently of the document format.

Quick and easy commissioning

We will get DocumentAnts up and running and connected to your systems in the space of a few months.

What is the target market?

Digitisation of document processing is ideal for organisations and departments that process large volumes of documents manually on a daily basis. Errors can occur when manually transcribing and analysing data.

Our solution eliminates errors, allows you to scale processes using your existing team, and can supplement or fully replace your existing OCR solution, which has a low ratio of yielded information to invested resources.
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Automatizace vytěžování dokumentů

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document ants

Digitize the entire document processing process. Save time and money and reduce error rates.

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