Data capture & Document conversion

An application for smart OCR data extraction and document digitisation

How ABBYY works

FlexiCapture is a highly accurate platform for OCR data extraction from documents that intelligently captures, classifies and digitises data from unstructured and structured documents into electronic data format and transfers it to any process, accounting or decision-making system.
Modern platform
Low error rates
Machine learning
Intelligent processing

Benefits of the ABBYY application

Simplify the conversion of paper documents into digital data

Save time and costs

ABBYY saves time and costs associated with digitising, transcribing, checking and sending data to other systems for processing.

Capable of handling any type of document

It can handle any type of document, from simple forms to complex free-form documents.

Natural language processing

Combining the best natural language processing, machine learning and advanced recognition features in a single platform.

Quick and easy commissioning

We will get ABBYY up and running and connected to your systems within one month as standard. Both on our cloud network and on your existing infrastructure.

Easy start and intuitive use

Simply enter samples of routinely processed documents into the system. The application automatically learns to classify documents and subsequently extract data from similar documents.

We will be happy to implement and integrate the app into your systems.

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Useful functions

Automatically processes all types of documents from files and scanners, including text documents and image formats, email attachments and email messages.

Automatic document classification technology allows you to sort documents by type, e.g. driver’s licences, bank statements, tax forms, contracts, invoices, etc.
High-precision OCR/ICR/OMR recognition - smart document and barcode processing, including optical character recognition of printed text in up to 200 languages.
Automatic extraction of data from various types of paper, handwritten or digital documents, both structured and unstructured.
The verification module allows you to check that extracted fields match the original documents.
Automatically export recognised data to various file formats or systems and databases.

ABBYY FlexiCapture in practice

increased productivity
reduction of costs for manual transcription of documents
faster processing

Do you want to optimise costs, reduce error rates and speed up document processing?

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