Intelligent data extraction and automation of documents

Comprehensive tools for data extraction, processing and analysis. We deliver solutions that are easily and quickly implemented and configured to meet the client’s requirements. We will set up the entire process from connection to existing systems, through data extraction and analysis based on the client’s requirements. 

For an even greater degree of process automation, we can combine our extraction solutions with software robots.

Inteligentní vytěžování a digitalizace dokumentů

How we help our clients most often

Different document sources

The receipt of documents from various digital channels and internal systems.


Extraction of data from documents and automated checks to evaluate data quality.


Integration of acquired data into the client’s processes and systems without interfering with the existing infrastructure.

Benefits of cooperation

Save costs and time. Up to 10x faster than manual processing.

Increased data quality and elimination of errors during manual transcription.

Ability to process documents from different sources, in various formats.

High flexibility and variability of the solution.

Smart data extraction and automation of documents

The ABBYY application for smart OCR data extraction and document digitisation.

Data extraction and classification using artificial intelligence

DocumentAnts automates processing documents. Our ants find and classify required data and upload it to exactly where it’s needed.

Automation of business processes using robotisation

UltimateRPA automates routine manual activities quickly and inexpensively using artificial intelligence.
Ultimate RPA

Example of robotisation in practice

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documents processed
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Selected references

Our software solutions help large companies, especially in the financial sector. We will be happy to implement the right solution for you too.

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