A digital ID card and digital signature on one platform
IDBox saves your customers and employees time. 
With BankID, you can verify your identity online or sign a contract digitally.


How IDBox works

An employee or client can easily verify their identity with the help of BankID. They simply log in to their internet banking and verify their identity or sign a contract using BankID.
A clear platform
with up-to-date analyses of how you use BankID
Customised workflow
with the option of setting up your own notifications
with your systems
Everything is digitally
archived clearly and securely in one place

Benefits of IDBox

Save time and costs

Digital verification of client identity reduces costs for your clients’ and employees’ time and makes it easier to verify identities and sign contracts.

Clear platform

Everything is digitally archived thanks to our IDBox platform. Securely and clearly, all in one place.

An improved customer experience

With BankID, the customer can simply log in to their internet banking and electronically verify their identity.

Quick and easy commissioning

We will get BankID up and running and connected to your systems within one month as standard.

Easy start and simple implementation

We will connect the standard BankID solution to your existing systems and have it up and running within one month. You can start using BankID quickly and easily, we will be happy to take care of commissioning and training. 

We will perform an analysis of the areas where BankID can be used effectively. Loan approval processes, signing employment documents or user authorisation.

We will handle the integration of your systems with BankID using our IDBox platform. We will set up a web interface where the client can view the contract before signing.

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IDBox platform

Our platform uses BankID as the target service provider and offers additional features such as a comprehensive overview of BankID usage, all signed contracts clearly stored in one location and more. 

We are gradually developing the platform so that all required functions relating to BankID can be found in one place.

StringData in figures

10 of the 10 largest Czech and Slovak banks are our clients. Over 1,000 projects delivered, with the largest equal to over 10,000 MDs.
years on the market
We are constantly developing our skills and expertise
Clients rely on us long-term
satisfied clients
We understand our customers and their needs

Simplify your clients' lives and save costs and time.

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Would you like to find out more?

Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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