A system for the provision of legally required cooperation

How BINF works

BINF allows you to digitise the provision of information about clients, their accounts and other products in the context of legally required cooperation. Automate processing requests of all types and formats from various input channels and the preparation of their replies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
You can process requests automatically in the BINF system. Activities such as receiving, preparing and sending replies will literally take care of themselves.
Thanks to clear records, you can easily search requests and their replies.
BINF can be easily connected to the SDBox data box connector or to your internal systems.
Use templates to create a uniform look and content for your messages.

Benefits of the BINF system

Automate administration relating to the provision of legally required cooperation

Save time and costs

BINF reduces costs and speeds up the whole process of providing cooperation.

Clear records

The simple and intuitive user interface offers a complete overview and eliminates the risk of human error.

Automation and digitisation

Automate the whole process of processing incoming requests, preparing replies, adding attachments and archiving.

Quick and easy commissioning

We will get SDBox up and running and connected to your systems within one month as standard.

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Useful functions

Automatic loading of requests
Requests are loaded from various channels thanks to integration, while you can also opt to connect other solutions to extract data from documents, emails, etc.
Automatic preparation of replies
Replies include automatically created attachments such as invoices, bank statements and more.
Clear records and archiving
Replies are sent to data boxes in bulk and copies of replies are saved/archived.
EDO support
The system supports electronic distraint orders (EDO).

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Would you like to find out more?

Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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