Solutions for monitoring the application portfolio and service availability

Do you want to monitor and measure the availability and response of your application services? Do you need early warning and prediction of a possible future service failure?

We offer a quickly implementable Green Light solution for monitoring the applications without interfering with the current infrastructure.
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Green Light monitoring

The financial impact of a failure of your services without prompt intervention is very costly. Are you looking for a suitable tool for measuring and evaluating the availability of your applications?

A suitable solution for this area is the comprehensive Green Light tool for monitoring the application portfolio and service availability. Green Light is a quickly implementable solution that can warn in time of possible failures of your applications.

Key optimization initiatives

Green Light immediately detects failures, delayed responses or slower speed of key services.

Improving the customer experience - increasing the service revenues and saving costs per time spent in a non-functional internal system

Elimination of the delay between the failure and its detection - saving the cost of lost opportunities during the service failure

Data-driven measurement of service parameters with suppliers - quality of support and possible cost savings

Recommendation of optimization steps in the application portfolio

Success story

The reference example of monitoring the application portfolio and service availability


continuously monitored internal and customer-related customer services.

50–120 tis. Kč/h

Elimination of lost opportunity costs through early monitoring and prevention of a failure.

74 %

of time reduction between service failure and incident detection by as much as 74%.

Benefits of application monitoring



Monitoring and supervising the availability of applications and services.


Improving the quality

Improving the quality of your digital services and the user experience.


Prediction of failure

Prevention of financial impacts in the event of a service failure.


Objective measurement

Transparent and objective E2E monitoring that does not affect the application.

How does it work?

We easily and quickly implement and configure Green Light to suit the client

Quick and easy installation
Configuration for monitoring
Continuous availability measurement
Notification settings for monitored applications
The solution works continuously
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Overview of operation

Based on continuous measurement of the response of your application services 24/7 and subsequent visualization, the solution provides the possibility of immediate warning in the event of a failure of your internal or business applications.

Increase the quality and availability of your application services - prevent failures and optimize the response time. This will contribute to satisfaction of your employees and customers.

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