Sodexo increased its revenue by 10% with Odoo

22. 11. 2022
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by 10%
Sodexo increased its revenue
Less than 1 year
to get Odoo up and running

Sodexo is an international company known for its luncheon vouchers and Sodexo Benefits. Thanks to Odoo, Sodexo increased its revenue by a full 10%. 

The new Odoo information system helps to avoid invoicing errors and create invoices easily. Based on the positive experience with Odoo, Sodexo plans to migrate from SAP to Odoo for certain enterprise applications.  

“With the new Odoo information system, Sodexo has seen a 10% increase in sales. We used to lose that revenue because of the outdated system,” says Marc Peeters, CEO of the Sodexo Vending Division.  

Why Odoo? 

The goal was to create a centralised system for the Vending Division in Sodexo. Approximately 50 employees work in this division and they are responsible for operations relating to rental of vending machines with hot drinks, cold drinks and small snacks.  

Reports with up-to-date data, which were then used to process and generate invoices, had to be provided to Sodexo customers several times a month.  

Before implementing Odoo, the Sodexo Vending Division worked with 14 different applications and databases. This has proven to be a complex daily routine for the company that needs to be automated. After quick market research, Sodexo decided that Odoo was the best choice - a single application to manage all of the necessary processes while at the same time increasing productivity and efficiency.  

It took less than a year to get Odoo up and running. Sodexo had standard requirements (invoicing and accounting) and specific requirements (vending machine management, contract management and preparation of reports) - all of the modules were easily developed and applied by the supplier Odoo.  

How did the project go?

Sodexo Vending uses a wide range of applications, including:  

  • Profit centre management  
  • Contract management  
  • Product Management  
  • Purchasing  
  • Stock  
  • Invoicing  

They also linked Odoo to Optimum, which manages labelling, meter reading for the preparation of reports and cash boxes. Synchronisation simplifies subsequent invoicing and allows you to compare the amount of money in the boxes with the expected sales.  

Benefits of Odoo 

Thanks to Odoo, Sodexo increased its revenue by 10%. Previously, discrepancies used to arise in the outdated system. The new information system by Odoo helps avoid invoicing errors and automatically create clear invoices.  

Time savings were also created during month-end closing and Sodexo has launched a new and modern sales management process which is more efficient. Based on the positive experience with Odoo, Sodexo plans to migrate from SAP to Odoo for certain enterprise applications.  

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