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22. 11. 2022

An ERP system is the driving force behind any company, so it pays to devote enough time to its selection. A high-quality solution automates and optimises key business processes, helps with planning and increases work efficiency. Are you looking for flexible software which is comprehensive, easy to use and affordable? Are you planning for growth and need a scalable enterprise information system which will grow with you? 

Odoo offers all the benefits of a modern ERP system and has a number of advantages over competing systems. It will captivate you at first glance with its user-friendliness, ease of use and simplicity. Other benefits include very easy implementation in the cloud and on-premises, scalability, a wide range of configuration options, the possibility of additional development, an attractive pricing policy and a guarantee of continuous development to help you stay ahead of the competition. 

5 reasons to choose ERP by Odoo  


Whether you are a smaller start-up or a larger company considering a phased ERP implementation, with Odoo you can start module by module and completely free of charge. Choose one application with unlimited users and use it for free with cloud hosting at Odoo Online. 

The price ranges from €12 - €23 per month per user, and for that price you get a comprehensive solution no matter which modules you use. With Odoo, you can take advantage of all the functions without increasing costs. 


A huge benefit of ERP is its usability from the ground up. Which makes implementation and future maintenance of the solution faster and cheaper . One of the main ideas behind Odoo is the ability to set it up for the majority of common business processes just by configuring an out-of-the-box solution. Only in specific cases is additional development of specific functions necessary, which makes implementation and future maintenance of the solution faster and cheaper. 


With Odoo, you can get started easily with the first process free of charge in the community version and gradually add more modules as needed. You have the option of adapting the system and nomenclature to suit your processes at any time. If Odoo proves to be a good fit and you decide to expand its use, you can always upgrade to the professional version and open up the wide range of possibilities offered by this modern open source ERP system. Thanks to its modularity, you can deploy a few applications first. Over time, as your business grows, you can expand Odoo to include other processes. And create your own enterprise information system to precisely suit your requirements. 


Odoo ERP is a platform packed with user experience - few information systems in the world boast more than 7 million users. And it is precisely from their experience and requirements that Odoo shapes new features in annual enhancements and upgrades. 

The Odoo source code is publicly available and other than a large internal development team. Odoo also has a broad community of tens of thousands of enthusiasts. They validate the code regularly, looking for security risks and opportunities for improvement. Odoo is written in Python, a modern language which is very popular among developers. This means that it is neither difficult nor expensive to make any adjustments yourself if you want. All settings and any possible customisations are entirely up to you. You will never find yourself at the mercy of your supplier. 


Odoo releases a new version every year which is faster, more secure and adds new functionality. If you have purchased licenses, the new version is always available for free. This means that your ERP is always on the cutting edge of technology and the driving force behind your company is never obsolete.

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