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An open source ERP system for managing all key processes in your company. Odoo ERP is a simple, reliable and comprehensive platform for your business.

Whether you are a startup, a medium-sized company or a large organisation, it is always important for you to run your business as efficiently as possible. With the Odoo enterprise information system, you can optimise and simplify your business processes and get rid of unnecessary time-consuming tasks.

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with many years of experience in IT development and the implementation of complex projects in smaller companies and corporations.

How we most often help our clients

One solution instead of lots of applications

Don’t waste time transcribing data from one application to another. Keep all your important information in one place. Simplify work for yourself and your employees. We help you make the most of the modular and highly configurable Odoo ERP system.

Quick launch and wide selection of ERP modules

Do you need to quickly digitise selected processes in your company? For example, business, HR, finance, marketing or documents? Thanks to its simplicity and flexibility, Odoo can be up and running in a matter of days.

Increasing the efficiency of company processes

The Odoo ERP system is used by 7 million users, who save time and costs thanks to the simple operation of the modern and modular Odoo information system.

Replacing an obsolete ERP

Do you need to switch to a modern ERP which offers the latest technological innovations such as IoT, OCR automatic document extraction and chatbots? With the Odoo information system, we guarantee that you will not be left behind the competition.

Cost savings

Do you need to save costs in your business? Do you operate an expensive ERP system? And each modification involves a lot of effort and resources? Implement the modern Odoo ERP system and pay only for what you actually use.

Automated business process analysis

Implementing an ERP system often starts with the question:
“Which operations should we digitise and where is this most worthwhile?”

Objective and real data are a key factor for successful digitisation.
With UltimateSuite’s intelligent analysis of business processes, we help you capture, visualise and evaluate them clearly. It takes several hours to implement the probes for automated analysis. Data collection and storage begins immediately after installation. Output from this is constituted not only by graphs and reports, but also by the identification of bottlenecks and recommendations for increased efficiency and cost savings.

Ultimate RPA

Odoo ERP System

A single platform for the efficient and transparent management of your business. You can use it exactly as you need - in individual modules or as a comprehensive ERP system.

We choose the right version of Odoo for you. We offer a cloud-based solution, hosting Odoo in our data centre, or we can install Odoo in your infrastructure.


Our consultants with experience from many projects will guide you through the implementation of even just a few selected modules. Or we can arrange the deployment of a comprehensive solution for the management of your business. The implementation also includes the possible migration of existing data and the training of your users.


With this successful project, our cooperation is just beginning. If you decide to modify your Odoo, extend it to include additional modules or integrate it with your systems, or if you just need some advice about any uncertainties you may have, we guarantee you full care and support in the operation and development of Odoo.

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