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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

At present times it is required, to have an efficient use of human resources. Employees are often overloaded with a routine administrative work. Excessive workload leads to demotivation and higher error rates.

Make better use of your employees' knowledge and let the robot do the job. Our RPA specialists transform robots into a workforce that stand in your employees faultlessly. Then the staff can devote to activities that bring profit to the company.
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Robotic Process Automation

Setkáváte se s opakujícími se rutinními činnostmi, které jsou velice časově náročné? Přemýšlíte o tom, jak můžete ušetřit a snížit chybovost?

Ideálním řešení je robotizace procesů. Softwarový robot pracuje rychleji, nedělá chyby a pracuje kontinuálně v režimu 24/7. Nechte rutinní práci robotům a věnujte se kreativnější práci.

Are you bothered about some of these situations?

Labor shortages
Overloaded staff capacities
Large volume of repetitive activities
Increased error rate of workers with a serious impact

Shake your hands with robotic automation

Did you answer YES to some of the questions?

Let this job to the robot and your employees can devote to more creative activities that bring you profit.

Benefits of robotic automation

Human resources

Reducing the requirements of human resources, freeing up the existing staff capacities


Reducing the time required to carry out a specific activity

Reduction of error rate

Reducing the error rate and eliminating the manual routine activity


Eliminating the mental stress during routine activities

Examples of process automation

  • Invoice registration, payment matching, recovery and complaints
  • Onboarding process of new employees
  • Processing of applications and preparing information for subsequent assessment by an employee
  • Automatic checks and notification when defective status is detected
  • Data merging from multiple sources and preparing of reports for management reporting
  • Price calculation and automatic responses to customers
  • Control of applications and work with files
  • Rewriting of information from system to system
  • Connection to the system that is not under your management
  • Replacing of integration as a temporary or cheaper solution
  • >Regression testing
  • Synthetic testing
  • Switching to a new system where data needs to be migrated
  • Data migration within the acquisition process of another company

Come for it with us

Return on investment

With the right combination of tools we are able to ensure a quick return on investment ideally in months.

Quick implementation

Agile project methodology allows us a flexible approach and implementation of projects in units of days.

100+ robotic processes

We have at our disposal the own specialized team of RPA developers who have successfully automated hundreds of robotic processes.

13 years of experience

Expert team with over 13 years of experience in automation through the graphical user interface (GUI).


We offer a possibility of extending RPA with machine learning, data mining by using OCR and other technologies


To implement robotic processes we use the Czech platform UltimateRPARobot, the heart of automation, allows you to control a variety of different applications including the solutions like SAP, Citrix, Siebel, RDP, Java, terminal applications and many others.

Recommendations of satisfied clients


The repeated impact need of human resources, short deadlines of data processing and certain risk of error occurrence led us to the need to consider the possibility of automating the processing of clients self-reading. Pražská plynárenská a. s. supports the use of smart technologies if their implementation is beneficial.

Modification of the SAP system, where self-reading has been performed so far, was not possible. The StringData specialists submitted a proposal to use the software robotic. The cooperation was professional and effective. After the pilot operation we had high expectations. The UltimateRPA tool enabled to automate necessary activities by two thirds. It helped greatly with the impact need of human resources and at the same time it shortened the delivery terms of reports to clients.

Soukal Petr Bc.,MBA

Head of Operations

Shake your hand with robotic automation!

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