SyDesk is a comprehensive surveillance system used to monitor, calculate and report the availability and performance of IT services, applications and infrastructure. It is a solution that our company has been developing for a long time and which is operating in many local and multinational companies.

What does SyDesk offer?

It monitors applications from the perspective of end user (End to End monitoring)
It monitors your IT infrastructure regardless of the platform used (Windows, Linux, Unix and others)
It can monitor systems and applications built on various technologies, including the applications operated in the cloud and on mobile devices
It can be easily integrated with other common and proprietary monitoring tools (input and output)
It obtains detailed technical information about applications from systems, databases, logs, protocols and other sources
It clearly links information about the behavior of applications with information about the state of infrastructure and information from other ITSM systems (Help Desk, Service Desk, Knowledge Base, CMDB, etc.)
It calculates and reports the availability not only of individual parts of the infrastructure and specific applications, but also of the whole IT business services and processes
It calculates and reports the availability not only of individual parts of the infrastructure and specific applications, but also of the whole IT business services and processes

What can SyDesk do next?

  • It offers a very advantageous licensing model without unnecessary restrictions
  • It automatically detects and reports outages of monitored systems
  • It enables to find very quickly the cause (RCA) of outages or longer reactions, both on the application and infrastructure side
  • It provides information on current status and history
  • It supports the planning of future capacity requirements
  • It supports test and release management processes by using End to End Surveillance monitoring scripts
  • It provides the first results already in a few weeks
  • It offers a very advantageous licensing model without unnecessary restrictions

Application End to End Surveillance - Synthetic Monitoring?

The SyDesk license includes advanced tools for End User Experience surveillance -. These tools automatically repeat recorded scenarios over specific applications and at the same time find out whether individual user steps have been completed and how long it took to complete them. The stated method of application monitoring is described as End to End surveillance, because it verifies the overall functionality of all system components (End to End) and at the same time implements the specified steps in a way that would be performed by a real user (End User Experience).

The implementation of End User Experience surveillance is carried out by the SyDesk SimSuite set of simulation tools. SyDesk SimSuite simulation tools do not pretend to be a web browser, do not simulate network communication, or do not compare screens. SyDesk SimSuite simulation tools, like a real user, launch a tested application and subsequently work in it by filling in values and clicking into the application in the same way as the end user would do it. They evaluate the correctness of the loading of individual screens on the basis of checking the presence of predetermined reference objects, to which they take apart the monitored application. The tools can monitor systems and applications built on various technologies (HTML, PHP, NET, Javascript, Java, Oracle forms, Flash, Flex, VB, C, C ++, terminal applications and more), including the applications in the cloud and on mobile devices.

What distinguishes SyDesk SimSuite simulation tools from other tools for End to End surveillance is, in addition to the above-mentioned approach, the depth of feedback that the simulation tools evaluate before each subsequent step. Namely the tools enable to evaluate dozens of characteristics of individual displayed objects for feedback. They can use their object attributes, such as location, size, mentioned text and appearance.

If any of the user steps cannot be completed, the simulation tools save an error screenshot, log the problem, and write down the measured values. In the next run, they will test the business process again.

System interface

Web console
The web console serves as a basic administrative and analytical interface for all system users.
Technical measurement configurator
In the thick client, the Measurement Configurator can be remotely set and all technical measurements performed by measurement plugins can be managed.
Surveillance center
The surveillance center is a thick client designed particularly for surveillance operators. It also includes an Event Management console.
A number of predefined reports and data exports supporting PDF, XLS and HTML formats are prepared in the SyDesk system. SyDesk also enables the definition of your own reports.
Mobile frontend
The mobile frontend enables to have basic data about measured entities always at disposal.
The SyDesk system supports sending notifications in the form of e-mails, SMS, running scripts, in the form of notifications to the application of Surveillance Center and sending events to the Event management console.
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