Monitoring the availability of IT services

System interface

Web console

The web console is instrumental as a basic admin and analytical interface for all system users.

Supervision centre

The supervision centre is a thick/stout client intended first of all for supervision operators. It also contains an Event Management console.

Mobile/cellular frontend

The mobile/cellular frontend enables to have basic data on measured entities always at hand.

Configurator of technical measurements

In the thick/stout client the configurator may be remotely set, thus managing all technical measurements performed by the measuring plug-ins.


In the SyDesk system prepared are a number of pre-defined reports and data exports supporting the PDF, XLS, and HTML formats. SyDesk also enables to define own reports.


The SyDesk system supports sending of notifications in the form of e-mails, SMS, starting of scripts, in the form of announcements to the Supervision centre application, as well as sending of events to the Event management console.