Monitoring the availability of IT services


SyDesk is a comprehensive supervision system, being intended for monitoring, calculating, and reporting of availability and performance of IT services, applications, as well as of infrastructure. In question is a solution, which is developed by StringData on a long-term basis and is operated by many local and multinational companies.

What is provided by SyDesk?

SyDesk monitors applications from the end-user’s viewpoint (End to End monitoring)
It is able to monitor systems and applications based on various technologies, including applications operated within clouds and in mobil devices
SyDesk acquires detail technical information on applications from systems, databases, logs, protocols, and from other sources
It monitors your IT infrastructure irrespective of the used platform (Windows, Linux, Unix, and others)
It is able to be simply integrated with other common and proprietary monitoring instruments (input and output)
In a well-arranged manner, it interconnects information on behaviour of applications with that on the infrastructure status, as well as with information from other ITSM systems (Help Desk, Service Desk, Knowledge Base, CMDB, etc.)
It calculates and reports availability not only of individual infrastructure parts and particular applications, but of complete IT business services and processes
It supports on-line supervision, including notifications, of event management, and covering in of the monitoring

What is SyDesk good at more?

  • It is able of unbiased evaluation of SLA/KPI with respect to both customers and suppliers (lucid and evidential overview of the status of applications and services)
  • It automatically detects and reports outages of monitored systems
  • It is able to enable a highly rapid catching of reasons (RCA) for outages or long responses, both on the side of application and infrastructure
  • SyDesk provides information on present status and on history
  • It supports planning of future capacity requirements
  • By using monitoring scripts of the End to End supervision, it supports processes of the test and release management
  • SyDesk provides first results yet within several weeks
  • SyDesk offers a highly advantageous licensing model without needless limitations