System for Data boxes management

Register of contracts

In relation to the Statute No. 340/2015 Coll. on special conditions of effect of some contracts, publishing of these contracts and on the Register of contracts (hereafter the “Statute”), which has been applicable since July 1st,7nbsp;2016, we have identified the following main legal facts within its analysis:

  • Obligation of contracting parties to publish newly concluded contracts with fulfilment above CZK 50,000.00, VAT exclusive, in the Register of contracts in the case where one of the contracting parties is:
    • National or public institution,
    • Territorial administration unit,
    • National company,
    • Legal entity with the majority share of the state or of the territorial administration unit (e.g. medical facilities, schools, etc.),
  • Obligation to publish the contract without undue delay, however, within 30 days as of its conclusion at the latest,
  • Publishing of such contracts is the condition of their legal effect.

Processes and draft solution

We have identified the following main processes concerning the obligations determined by the above Statute:

  • Identification of contract / annex to the contract containing a contracting party, for which the Statute determines the obligation to publish the contract in the Register of contracts;
  • Securing that any of the contracting parties would send the contract to the Register of contracts;
  • Identification of the information from the special data box of the Ministry of internal affairs on the performed publishing of the contract in the Register of contracts;

In the new generation of the SDBox product an authorized user can set the following in relation to the applicability of the above Statute:

  • A new investigator’s group, which will contain all data messages concerning the Register of contracts;
  • A new rule for automatic sorting of received data messages and their hand-over for settlement in the “Register of contracts” investigator’s group;
    • Setting authorizations for drawing up drafts of new data messages concerning the Register of contracts;
    • Setting of authorizations for sending approved new data messages to the Register of contracts.

The automation of assignment of the above specified new authorizations to the user can be managed by the integration of the SDBox 2.0 product with the central authorization service (e.g. by means of the Kerberos authentication protocol or by NTLMv2).