System for Data boxes management

System for Data boxes management

SDBox offers effective and intuitive data boxes management. You can get an overview relating to an agenda following from the data boxes. No data message would be lost or unsettled. The system is designed for the management of a big value of data messages. At the same time it enables a connection to any number of data messages with no limitation of system users.

What can SDBox do?

Reports Provides an overview of actual statuses of individual data messages processed in registered data boxes.
cog Automatic distribution of received data messages to individual users, user groups or systems
Possibility to have the system connected via open API – transferring data to processing, generating new messages – with no need to work with ZFO form
Archiving of all received messages with all necessities involving processing history
Generates responses or new messages by user in system directly or via open application interface

What else can KNBox do?

  • Reports describing data process statuses
  • Email notifications to selected events (receiving message, delegation,..)
  • Message delegation among users and user groups within applications
  • Link between created messages and received messages
  • Data message verification anytime in the future via ISDS
  • Configured timing for receiving and sending of data messages
  • Automatic self-monitoring of the system and status of communication to ISDS

What will you need for system configuration and its deployment?

  • Decision relating to technology – web server (Windows, Linux – IIS 6+, Apache 2.2+); database (Oracle 10+, MS SQL 2005+)
  • Decision relating to user authentication and authorization – name and password or NTLM/SSO; roles defined in an application or in AD/LDAP
  • Requirements to initialization – when import from ISDS start (it is possible to do it retrospectively ) and if it is needed to migrate data messages from any other SW or repository. Requirements for archiving – internally in application or externally (DMS or different Database)
  • Requirements for system integration to existing systems

How to solve banking assistance provisions?

In alignment with the fact that the major agenda coming from data boxes relate to bank assistance or executions, it is possible to integrate the SDBox system into our BINF system simply atomizing management of the agenda.