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LoanOffice references

“LoanOffice is very important to us as it helps us to maintain standards and is one of the most important elements of collection. The greatest added value for us is the entire approval process and its conversion into electronic form, including transparently documented decision-making processes. Thanks to this we are able to store data on clients in such a way that they cannot disappear from the bank in any way. Another great benefit is the consolidation itself has been reduced of data on a client thanks to the error rate of processing the credits of which we are in charge. In addition, LoanOffice also allows for effective team management.”

“The deployment of LoanOffice is one of the projects where the initial schedule and budget were successfully kept, also thanks to the great contribution of the staff of StringData. The human factor played
a really essential role in this project.”

Ing. Bogdan Kaszper, MBA, Head of Workout


“We have been cooperating with StringData in the area of collection for more than five years – we use the LoanOffice system for processing claims in all of our four companies both at the late stage and at the legal stage. The system completely and smoothly covers mainly external collection administration, out-of-court collection and legal enforcement, including insolvency proceedings. Responses within the service contract and during the development of new parts of the system are fast. Costs are not excessive, I would say that they provide above standard service in respect to standard prices, including complete business and process analyses of problems being solved. Considering this experience we are planning to extend our cooperation with StringData to also include claims collection at the early stage by the end of 2012.”

Ing. Renata Netopilová, Head of Claims Administration and Collection Section