Smart Land Register connector

Smart Land Register connector

KNBox is an instrument, which helps to acquire electronic data provided by the Cadastre of Real Estate or when generating a submission to register into or to erase data from the Cadastre of Real Estate. KNBox offers monitoring of chosen real estate and monitoring of possible changes in the abstract of title. Moreover, it provides optimization of direct costs when downloading data as well as costs related to the agenda when communicating with the Cadastre of Real Estate.

What can KNBox do?

Land Register data does not need to be manually retyped. You will avoid input errors and resulting problems (low-quality records of securities, suspended procedures, and the like).
You save operating costs using KNBox – an electronic copy of an entry is cheaper and downloaded data can be shared across the organization and reused.
Generates the proposal of the registration of the right of lien into the Cadastral office.
You can monitor changes in the real property portfolio – KNBox captures a change in owners or proceedings in progress (a seal), for example.
For the purpose of data acquisition KNBox utilizes web services provided directly by the Cadastre of Real Estate; therefore it is possible to simply update once recorded data.
KNBox contains an open interface for communication with internal systems. This can considerably speed up and reduce the cost of some processes by automated querying and saving Land Register documents.


What else can KNBox do?

  • The KNBox interface offer much more options than available by means of accessible applications offered by the Cadastre of Real Estate (remote access or consulting the Cadastre of Real Estate).
  • The display of data from the Cadastre of Real Estate is well-arranged and intuitive. The system automatically sets up links to related data.
  • KNBox provides data display in the same output format as provided by the Cadastre of Real Estate.
  • Well-arranged reports and cost planning options for particular users or departments is an outstanding instrument for the management of financial means necessary for the data acquisition from the Cadastre of Real Estate.
  • A matter of course is the application updating due to changes performed in the State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre.

Examples of use of KNBox in bank processes

  • Credit application:
    Verification of the existence of real property and KO criteria (distraint and auction) and the provision of current data to surveyors.
  • Approval and creation of contract documentation:
    Extraction of electronic data on real property and use when creating contractual documents and a motion to enter a record.
  • Drawing:
    Automatic check of sealing / recording a motion to enter a record.
  • Payment:
    Automated monitoring of the ownership structure and management with an influence on the price of the property.
  • Collection:
    Getting information on the list of property of a debtor.