Insolvency control

SSV module

The system of monitoring of relations (SSV) is a third party service providing analysis of economically connected groups in relation to the initial bank subjects. The analysis will be performed above a group of entered bank subjects and resulting relations will be processed and read by the ISIRBox system.

In the ISIRBox system we can see the below relation types:

  • Proprietary relations,
  • Statutory bodies,
  • Employees,
  • Individual – entrepreneur, and the vice versa,
  • Succession,
  • Business relations,
  • Relations through contacts.

How does the SSV module function?

After having read all required SSV relations in the system many times more subjects has been read; and upon the first start-up of reading of the insolvencies interconnection will be established of historical insolvencies with all relevant SSV subjects.

The SSV module enables a separate view of a bank subject detail, a separate SSV subject detail, or a combination of both. In the detail of subject the SSV module images superior and inferior subjects.