Insolvency control

System for insolvency control

ISIRBox connector is designed to collect and process information from the insolvency register. It is intended for companies that want to effectively track client portfolios with risk of insolvency or monitor active insolvencies and their progress. The connector allows connection to other internal systems and ensures the transfer of data between them.

What can ISIRBox do?

Optimize the costs of controlling and processing information from the insolvency register.
Save data from the insolvency register and allow their subsequent use in other information systems.
Automate pairing of monitored subjects with insolvency proceedings and debtors of ISIR at the level of direct or potential compliance.
Distribute information about the status and events provided by the insolvency register with filtering options.

What else can ISIRBox do?

  • Categorize information by importance and portfolios and provide timely response.
  • Automate the preparation of the application for insolvency proceedings.
  • Minimize the risks and the financial damages resulting from poorly designed processes.
  • Eliminate errors caused by the human factor in the process of communication with the insolvency register.

How does ISIRBox work?

In the connector the user defines the portfolio of entities, which are intended for monitoring. The portfolios can be bulk imported or portfolios of entities can taken over from internal systems based on selected parameters.

Custom automated control compares the portfolio with the database in the insolvency register, when the goal is to find the appropriate conformity based on predefined parameters. Compliance may be evaluated as a so-called. full (all parameters are identical) or partial (some parameters differ). In any partial compliance the system enables flexible user pairing of identical entities, where the user can decide whether or not the entity corresponds to the search parameters. The connector also allows the setting of internal users of information for individual and collective portfolios, as well as individual subjects and at the same time all the information are available through the user interface.