GDPR RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

It is a fast and efficient solution when you need to follow the GDPR to implement selected types of activities over a specific application portfolio, to which you either do not have source codes or if the change of applications would be too costly. Or thanks to GDPR RPA, or to the software robotics as the case may be, it is possible to use configured macro scenarios that are implemented by SW Robots working with the GUI application interface just in the same manner as a regular end user so does.

A typical example of using GDPR RPA:
You need to complete data about a particular client, through his/her Personal No., from technologically diverse applications. As a standard, this would mean the user’s manual work (lengthy, repetitive, with high vulnerability). A more efficient solution is to write a robotic scenario, and to repeat the activity as needed be, with the Personal No. parameter. The robot always takes care of the implementation. Robotic scenarios are versatile and can do exactly what a regular user can do with the available tools.

Key functionalities

  • A single activity-management front-end * (e.g. collecting client information, updating data, deleting, anonymizing, pseudonymization, encryption, etc.);
  • Simple adding, changing, or removal of activities *;
  • Individual activities * are triggered on DPO’s instructions, or by an authorized person; The SW Robot performs robotic scenarios and provides a result report or output data as well;
  • Possibility to implement content encryption with a symmetric or asymmetric encryption, or encrypt by calling from your applications; the advantage is that when using an asymmetric cipher, only a defined role (controlled by DPO) will have access to data recovery when a particular data entity (contract, file etc.) cannot be erased due to data integrity maintaining;
  • Result report / output data is available in XLS, PDF, CSV format;
  • Simple deployment; i.e. the ability to robotically handle any application without the need for its modifications;
  • Easy extending of activity list * and of their range (number of scenarios and served applications).

* Activity: Is a set of robotic scenarios (i.e. the implementation of a specific activity, e.g. collecting information about a client; across a defined list of applications; unlimited number).

The tool is especially suited to meet the DPO’s needs.