GDPR DPO Cockpit

An overview application allows DPOs to monitor selected activities and tasks as part of their activities when supervising the PD (personal data) management.
The application combines information from different systems, applications, and processes to monitor the activities from the point of view of PD protection. In addition to aggregating information, it enables to monitor the process of settlement of requests by the data subjects regarding the rights of the data subject. It includes the ability to record activities, schedule them with time alerts and escalations. Custom data is collected into the application, using existing APIs, by means of the process robotics (GDPR RPA), or by means of defined reports and outputs for processes and applications that are incapable of automatic communication.

Key functionalities

  • administration and recording of
    • PD types, legal titles and purposes of processing;
    • PD Administrators and Processors;
    • Activities related to the performance of the DPO (including individual organizational units);
    • Incidents involving the PD;
    • The requirements (including queries) of the data subject, the PD protection office, The state administration;
    • The processes where the PDs are processed;
  • Inspecting the records of consents to process the PDs;
  • Reporting tools (PD protection office, company management, results of inspections, etc.);
  • Dashboard, overview screen with current information;
  • Monitoring tools (administrators management, PD processing, etc.).

The tool is especially suited to meet the DPO’s needs.