GDPR Collecting Tool

An effective solution to cover a significant part of the required issue (who/why/where/how/ why he/she approached what data), from the point of view of implementation in connection with your IT infrastructure, particularly without the need to change individual applications in which data is processed by end users.
The application is installed in individual stations (with the option of central deployment). On the background of standard work of the user it automatically collects information about the displayed and processed data. These are then, together with a detailed context (what application, its part, tab, form, time, user, etc.), sent to the collection server, where they are stored in the central database for continuous evaluation and analysis.

Deployment takes place without the need for programme changes of monitored applications (supported are all mainstream technologies, including terminals, Citrix, VMWare, etc.).

Key functionalities

  • One-off, impact or regular monitoring of all displayed;
  • and processed data in client stations;
  • Identifying the type of PD used;
  • Definitions of applications where PD are used (even in what parts of the applications);
  • Overview of who uses personal data;
  • The context in which and under what circumstances PD are used;
  • Audit trail for personal data;
  • Monitoring of security rules and permissions;
  • Simple and fast implementation (units of days including testing).

The tool is suited to meeting the needs of DPOs and IT Infrastructure representatives who are to ensure monitoring of data viewing and processing from end users’ perspective.