System for the provision of statutary assistance

New releases for the product

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Speeding up in 12 areas

First of all, we have focussed our attention to the search of subjects where the total process time has been shortened by halve! Another important shift has been faced in the processing of both DOC and PDF to OCR documents.

Search configuration

On the basis of suggestions from clients we have totally changed the structure of setting of the search attributes that are divided among the “searched” and “non-.searched”.

Speeding-up of the product core

The load tests performed by us have shown that in the new version of the BINF 2.0 product core the daily volume of processed requests has been increased by 51 % to as much as 82 %. The percentage difference is based on the kind of used application server (Glassfish, TomEE, WAS CE).


You can choose any combination of the request types. A whisperer can also help you with your selection.

Increase throughput of request processing

New version of the core to speed-up and increase throughput of request processing

Automatic attribute detection for search

New functionality for automatic attribute detection for search through the files attached to requests in XLS(X), CSV formats

Repetition prevention of the optical character recognition process

New functionality for the repetition prevention of the optical character recognition process (“OCR”), thus saving costs of the OCR

Verification of response dispatching

Verification of response dispatching to the data box information system in the case this dispatching is provided by the SDBox 2.0 product