System for the provision of statutary assistance

Module for electronic communication with distrainers (SCB)

The module for the electronic communication with distrainers and, newly, also for the communication with the national administration of the Slovak Republic represented by tax and customs authorities is, as seen from the viewpoint of the whole system concept, one of the data sources similar to that as are data boxes in the Czech Republic.

This module secures communication with the SCB portal for the purpose of exchange of requests and replies in the XML format. The processes and the implemented security correspond to specifications from the side of the SCB portal operator.

Within this communication resolved are the following two request types of the co-operation provision processes:

  • Account status – response contains detail information on the found account
  • Other request – universal text request, universal response (the response may be modified within the BINF system user interface)

From the side of distrainers particularly the first request type is used. From the side of financial authorities more complex requests are sent as, in contrast to the distrainers, all requests of the national administration are free of charge.

In relation to the new legislation this module can also be extended by the receipt of the following operations concerning processing of distraints:

  • Distraint commencement order
  • Change of the distraint commencement order
  • Distraint order
  • Change of the distraint order
  • Consent of the distrainer to the release of an amount not subject to distraint
  • Cancellation of the distraint order
  • Pledge / release
  • Stay / cancellation of the stay of distrainment

Undisputed advantage of this data source is its full automation feasibility. The offered system provides full automation, whereas user has the chance to view processed requests and generated responses. The system provides aggregated processing statistics, or it is possible to export, from the system, individual processed requests with particular attributes for the purpose of further processing. As an option, reports from the system may be sent, in selected intervals, by way of the notification module of the BINF system to a selected set of recipients.