System for the provision of statutary assistance

Distraint module (EXM)

The distraint module of the BINF application makes the whole procedure of the distrainment process more efficient.

The distraint module can process all XML requests within the standard No. 30 “Electronic distraint order” (EEP) as defined by the working group of the ČBA (Czech Banking Association). If any new type of the EEP request would originate in future, EXM would support this new type within the product licence. At present, EXM supports the following EEP requests:

  • Distraint order (EP)
  • Decision on coming into force (NPM
  • Total cancellation of the EP
  • Partial cancellation of the EP
  • Change of EP drawer
  • Pledge upon the amount

The processing means the following operations:

  • Withdrawal of EEP requests from the system for the operation of data boxes (DS)
  • Request validation
    • Validation of XML in compliance with XSD
    • Check of file name
    • Check of input data (check of the Pers. No. format, currency type of EP, etc.)
    • Process flow of requests (e.g. for NPM particular EP exists)
    • Processing sequence within one day (e.g. where we receive NPM and, at the same time, also the total cancellation of the EP, first of all the cancellation of the EP is performed and the NPM will not be performed already)
  • Saving of requests in an internal datamart (DM)
  • Status process of the request processing
  • Preparation of XML response
  • Contingency to print out PDF preview of the response content
  • Sending away of response via DS