Why Swings?

Do you know that joke about software development where things are going from specifying through analyzing, designing, implementing, testing etc. and all those people misunderstand each other? If you don’t know it, look here.

It was several years ago when I saw it for the first time and I laughed heartily. I also had to search my conscience to find out whether we sometimes play a similar role or not. Frankly, we certainly met with clients, contractors, subcontractors and everyone who affects any contract . S ometimes they caused such confusion. Not all people know what they really want, or rather, what they really need, and what – and under what conditions – they are prepared to take over in the end.

When we revised our strategic objectives at that time, the quality of our work came up. One of us spoke up : “Look, the thing is that we make swings which simply swing.” We were all in the picture and I found myself smiling again. “Why not, it’s clear,” I thought to myself. “ Anyone who is on the same page and knows this joke knows right away what it is about. And whoever doesn’t know, he or she orients himself or herself quickly. How could we describe in one sentence in another way that we do our best to minimize shortcomings which may occur during the supply of software?” This saying has become naturalized in our company since then…

And this saying has become naturalized in our company since then. We simply make swings which swing. We do our best to give our client something which works, which serves its purpose, which is in accordance with expectations and business, and which can be relied on. You only have to try our services to see for yourself.

Maybe you have a similar smile on your face as I did when my colleague voiced it at the workshop. It’s all right, of course. Not everything must always be expressed in quantifiable values, conformed to the branch. Simply: We make swings which swing. You certainly know what we mean by that. And we insist on it.

Robert Šamánek, CEO StringData