We welcome a new colleague

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Welcome Zdeněk Galia to our team who has taken the position of product director at the beginning of 2018. He has joined the SyDesk team, which is engaged in robotic automation and applications monitoring.

„My primary goal is to prepare a team around the UltimateRPA instrument (software robotics) for expansion at European level, to build a managed network that will deliver our solutions on a high-quality level. I want a safe expansion that will enable us to develop strategic knowledge and robotics in the long term. Our solution must bring new technologies that will allow our clients to consider even new ways. In the near future, I want to make a positive resonance in the relevant circles within the evangelization of our solution, which is why we want to reach all our key clients. I believe that yet with this high-quality team we have a strong start.“

Zdeňka Galiu