Participation / Presentation at IT SMF

On Thursday and Friday, January 18th to 19th, the UltimateRPA tool was presented as a solution for software robotization within the itSMF conference, held in the Ambassador hotel environment, to a wider plenary of corporate representatives. Participation at the conference was abundant and during the presentation in the main hall, the whole hall was successfully filled with representatives of large companies from the banking, telecommunication as well as from other sectors. The detailed presentation, which then took place in the dedicated hall, had to be extended for great interest, so that there was room for answering all substantive questions.
Gradually, we succeed in opening up co-operation with those who are interested in UltimateRPA so as to deploy our tool in the specific conditions of the given clients.
We very much welcome and appreciate the interest of all participants, and we will continue to keep you up with other events.

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