New features of the LoanOffice system

Apart from a common service and minor development “to order” from our clients we have also been working on modifications of the claims management system so that we would be able to provide our clients with a more simple, efficient, and pleasant work. Here we have selected several new features:

Promise and a pause in workflow

Inspired by one of common situations in the collection of claims, mostly in the early stage, we have sought for a universal solution fitting well to the system concept and existing instruments. In particular, in question is the solution of the Promise. A typical situation, which occurs in the collection process, represents an active action of a debtor, whereas he/she promises to cover the payment “as soon as his/her salary would come”. To date, for the system such a situation meant a record of the promise, suspension of the actually running collection workflow (for example, an automatic process of remainders by various ways) and commencement of a short process to solve and evaluate fulfilment of the promise. And then, typically, to re-start the collection by a standard way where the promise has not been fulfilled.
A new solution, which we offer in the system, is not only the record of the Promise in a new form on the Detail of contract, but also its connection to the event model and addition of a new reaction that enables, on the basis of the “Record of the Promise” event, to suspend the present workflow, to put it aside and to start the workflow solving the Promise itself. After its end it is possible either to completely stop the collection (the Promise has been fulfilled), or to come back, to re-start the waiting workflow and to continue where we have stopped the collection, without undesirable reset respectively.
Moreover, due to its incorporation in the event model, the workflow pause system may be used universally even in other similar situation (for example when solving a suspicion of fraud or a client’s complaint).

Příslib a pauza workflow

A mass change of a solver

Another new feature in the LoanOffice system is the solution of a situation when, for example, an employee leaves the bank and his portfolio is not taken over by a colleague (which may be solved by the Substitution system up to the wiping out of an original employee), but by a new worker, or we want to divide the portfolio among more employees respectively. In such a situation we need not only to perform a mass change of ownership of individual entities (contracts or complete issues = collection in respect of a whole client or a debtor client group), but, for example, even a workflow solving, particularly even under a situation when the workflow changes solvers for individual sub-processes between various roles or user groups.
Therefore we have prepared a new mass action to be started above the list of concrete instances of a selected entity, which will offer, to the operator with a relevant authorization, a mass change of solving just in accordance with the running workflows and with the selection of users who have the implementation authorization to corresponding steps.

Hromadná změna řešitele

LoanOffice system demo version

For the presentations of the LoanOffice system to our present and future customers we have prepared a DEMO version of the system, which, apart from static data and system functions, contains even a generator of live data simulating receipt of information from the main banking system, thus enabling to demonstrate the system in the live operation (for example a running early collection, including sending SMS/e-mail remainders).

Should you be more interested, please, do not hesitate to contact us, using our phone +420 266 772 600 or our e-mail We will be glad to come and meet you in your place, or to introduce to you the whole system in our premises.