Introducing a new product: Daňovka

Also, do you get upset in the company every year with a lot of tax returns, wage accountants do not know where to jump, circulate employees and ask for a signature on that “Pink paper” (Statement of taxpayer of personal income tax from dependent activity)? Does he/she regularly check if there has been any change in the staff and asking them to provide all the documents?

Cancel the lengthy administration and simplify this process!

Try our new product called Daňovka. This is an application to support employee tax returns.

The Daňovka is a very efficient solution of the legal liability that minimizes time losses for both employees and employers with tax returns. Our web application will enable employees to fill in the taxpayer’s statements intuitively in the interactive form without having to study a complex working paper.

The main benefits of the application include implementation in terms of days, time savings not only for the employees of the payroll office, but also for the employees themselves, clear records of all statements and, of course, cost savings.

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