Engagement of the UltimateRPA product in Wüstenrot mortgage bank

Late in the first quarter of 2017 the UltimateRPA was engaged in the Wüstenrot mortgage bank, particularly in the Contract and LC management department. Three processes were defined to be suitable for the robotization.

The robotization of the first process enables to seek for excess payments and extraordinary repayments. One of the reasons for the engagement of the robot was the elimination of possible human errors that could possibly impact clients. Manual processing of all 1,122 monthly repayments took nearly 12 working days. The robot is able to process the same amount within less than 3 hours. The robotization of this process saved 0.7 FTE.

The second process was the closing of client accounts after repayment of LCs. Prior to the robotization this process took nearly 4 working days and maximally 190 accounts could be processed a month. The automation removed the capacity limit and the robot is able to process all 1,350 items that fall to one month within less than 4 hours. This step not only increased capacity, speed, but also increased the processing frequency from the monthly to the daily process.

The third, but not the last, process is the recording of repaid LCs and expected extraordinary repayments. The EU directive (Mortgage Credit Directive) extended administration requirements when a common employee needed nearly 4 days for its processing. After the full automation of the whole process the robot processes 1,042 monthly items within 34 minutes, thus saving more 0,2 FTE.

The implemented automation has deepened confidence in robotization in Wüstenrot. The evaluation of the project has clearly shown the gains represented by cutting the FTE by 1.1, but also other chances to engage robots.