BugSquash or how we have turned the mistakes around!

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On 12th May, 2017 the “MLOK” team moved from the registered office of StringData Ltd. to Impact HUB Prague to jointly organize a working “marathon race” focused to the solution of imperfections in products, for which there is not enough time within the work on projects and product development. In the IT slang, “bug” is normally understood as a mistake, therefore this event was called “BugSquash”.

The team members themselves proposed and jointly selected issues that troubled both us and our customers and we were able to solve them. To make it more colourful, the whole event was set into the SCRUM approach. This day was conceived as several tied up sprints and the brave Scrum Master interlaced them by necessary agile ceremonies. What a splendid opportunity not only to solve a nice couple of mistakes in our products, but also to adopt intense experimenting with an agile approach! They have experienced a well condensed SCRUM; three sprints in one day. In the course of the day the team rapidly gained the feedback what was to be done in a different manner, to be done more or less intensively, and was able to put it into practise in a while.

“It is a common, fruitful time for us, when the team has both solved a number of mistakes and even practised SCRUM together and developed mutual communication and co-operation”, one of the participants said.

The overall results were very good, the atmosphere was pleasant, “velocities” consistently increased and within a short time the team was able to provide all what it had committed to within planning of the sprint. Work, entertainment, learning, co-operation, and results; it was really a splendid team event!