BINF 2.0 – release 05/2017

We have commenced testing of a new version of the BINF 2.0 product, which is to enable our clients to extend functionalities of the Distraint module by processing of distraints that are not sent, by their drawers, in the XML format, i.e. where electronic distrainment orders, pursuant to the ČBA No. 30 Standard, are not in question.

Thus, it will be possible to extend the BINF 2.0 Distaint module by new templates to enable manual processing of individual distrainment acts and, at the same time, to use, for the management of these distraints, the existing functionalities of the Distraint module; i.e. of recoding of accounts and of stops put on these accounts, recording of performed payments within a given distraint, including evaluation of existing as well as of expected receivable amounts.

In the event of your interest in the extension of the specified functionalities of the BINF 2.0 Distraint module, please, address your contact person, or use the contact e-mail: