SyDesk in Allianz Insurance Company

The long-term growth of the Allianz Insurance Company plc has been accompanied by the expansion of demands on the solution of monitoring of availability of key computer services. Gradually, the existing solution was still less able to meet such needs, which resulted in a selection procedure published by Allianz Insurance Company plc in spring 2015 where, apart from the quality of the product itself, an important role was plaid by the quality and support of the design. The selection procedure has been won by SyDesk from StringData.

Its implementation started in October 2015 and covered, among others:

  • Monitoring of 12 applications, by means of simulations, altogether from 12 internal locations and from internet;
  • Integration with Nagios and with Servicedesk;
  • Configuration of notifications and of reporting;
  • Set-up of a new application for imaging on a large wall-type screen.

As of February 2016 SyDesk already provided the application monitoring to the full extent of implementation. After having completed the remaining integrations and development of a new application for the large screens, i.e. of the SyDesk Screen, the whole project was ready for commissioning in April 2016, exactly in compliance with the agreed time-schedule.

Now when, for example, in České Budějovice (Budweiss) any of the monitored applications ceases to operate, the Allianz head office gets to know sooner than from users. Thus, the time period between a problem origination and a solution commencement has been markedly reduced.

As well, SyDesk fulfils its function in the field of application reporting. Every month, SyDesk automatically generates a report for its application administrators who have the chance to comment individual outages. Subsequently, SyDesk generates a summarizing report of the SLA fulfilment throughout all monitored applications, which is intended for the management of the Allianz Insurance Company.

From the side of Allianz, reception of the SyDesk, of the implementation and support level are positive in grain, which is highly appreciated by us and which we feel to be a great challenge for future as well.