SyDesk as a tool for automated testing

Our company StringData did a major new improvement of the SyDesk system, which improves the stability and robustness of simulation scenarios in dynamic environment. The primary purpose of SyDesk is the application monitoring by synthetic simulations as always has been. The synthetic simulation method was build on user activity simulation and sophisticated check of application behaviour, response and integrity. You can think about following example – the simulation tool opens a new browser window, navigates to internet banking, logs in and selects the “New payment” menu item, fills in the necessary input fields, checks the integrity of the form and submits the payment with proper authorization (e.g. by SMS code received via external GSM modem). This principle is depended on the application user interface layout – e.g. changing position of the menu, adding additional fields in the form, etc.

Even we’ve been always much more stable with our approach than generic bitmap clicker, there are always things to improve. With the improved stability we can now provide our Clients with brand new set of functionalities coming out with the new robust simulation engine, which is much less depended to user interface layout, change of applicatoin graphics or marketing adjustments. Since this year we have proudly entered the market of process automation and testing automation. SyDesk could be now extended from its’ recent use to fully support automated testing (e.g. new releases, regressive testing, performance testing, etc.) in different environments. Our first client who is using the extended SyDesk functionality is Ceskomoravska stavebni sporitelna, the lading building savings company on the Czech market. There are currently 30 automated testing scenarios across 3 different environments with on-line results accessible on our cloud-based secured SyDesk Portal. Our client is willing to extend the automated testing scope more than 10 times in next year and to use SyDesk as major solution.

“We have selected the SyDesk system among different competitors for 2 main reasons. The first reason is a simple and intuitive user interface of the simulation design tool, advanced reporting options, results visualization and comprehensive notifications. The second reason is the professional approach of the vendor StringData, their consultant and designers who have helped us with realization of the initial project phase so called Proof of Concept followed by the pilot phase. We are now 3-4 times more efficient in test execution, saving business users’ capacities for testing and better efficiency in deploying new releases.” says the Head of Testing in Ceskomoravska stavebni sporitelna, Mr. David Vitecek.

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