Distraint module in the Slovak Republic

As of August 1st, 2016 four of our clients utilize the Distrainment module of the BINF application for the processing of electronic communication regarding distrainment. StringData have modified the module for the needs of the Slovak legislation and Slovak processes. By this step the company has taken up the more than one-year operation of the processing of electronic communication regarding distrainment in the Czech Republic.

Thus, in the BINF application our clients process, through SCB (Slovakia Credit Bureau), not only co-operations and replies thereto, but newly also warrants of distraint and associated communication. In further stages this communication will be automated in the application (similarly to the Czech distraints), which will markedly contribute to the time savings and elimination of human errors when putting financial means on stop and paying distraints.

This way, the BINF product continues to cover the spheres of “follow-up care” after the co-operation processes where this product enjoys a privileged position in the market. The Distraint module of the BINF application reengineers the whole process of communication of clients with distrainers, revenue authorities, customs authorities, Police of the Czech Republic, courts, and of others.


These clients have begun to use our Distraint module