Conference 3 DNY PRO BANKY

In the second week of December, we participated in the 3 DNY PRO BANKY conference that took place 6. – 8.12. at the Carlo Bosco hotel in Prague. During the whole three days, participants from the banking and financial sector had the opportunity to get acquainted with our company and its products at the company’s exhibition stand. In the framework of the third conference day, we introduced the LoanOffice system with input on the subject of introducing and measuring processes. The presentation called From Experience: A Modern Approach to Effective Management of Debt Recovery Process was represented by Tomáš Landovský, product manager of the LoanOffice system. In the framework of his input, he outlined what can one imagine under the terms “process support,” and “work flow in recovery,” and he tried to explain to the audience how individual recovery processes can be optimized.